Our Philosophy


Ancient games arena in nemea surrounded by lush greenery


Our aim is to find ancient hidden treasures of Greek wine and bring them directly to the U.K market, broadening the options for fine, organic, bio and natural wines. Greece has some of the worlds oldest vineyards, rarest grapes and most interesting terroirs. Impressively terroir-orientated wines are produced in the remote Cycladic islands, where 120 year old phylloxera-free ungrafted vines still grow, tapping into the subterranean soils of the unique lands.  We work with small family producers who have a detailed knowledge of the wine making process from vine to bottle. From ancient Corinthia in the mainland, to volcanic Santorini, Paros and wild Crete, we source some of the best natural, organic and even biodynamic wines that the country has to offer. We have some simple business values that we believe are necessary to be a proud proponent of ethical wine making. Our values are:

Plastic-free where possible;
Offset carbon emissions from day to day business operations;
Buy direct and sell direct;
Sell Greek;
Promote Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines;
And, build lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Welcome to the Corelli Wine Company,
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