Ancient basket vine on the volcanic earth of Santorini

Corelli Wines is a privately held U.K limited company headquartered in Leeds. We operate exclusivly in the U.K market for on-trade wine wholesaling, with a global online retail sales reach. All purchasing is undertaken in Greece to buy our unique and exclusive fine wine products. The company focuses solely on the Greek market and takes pride in the strong personal relationships that we have built over a few short years. We understand that many people from all over the world have holidays in Greece and enjoy the amazing local wines, but struggle to find these wines back home. The business operates in wholesale and retail markets to bring these amazing wines to restaurant tables, and the family dinner tables at home. Our strength comes from a drive to cut down the handling of wines from company to company along the route to market. We buy wines directly from the wineries and sell directly to consumers online or to consumers in restaurants. Our model ensures that we can buy more expensive wines in Greece than many competitors, and sell at the same price back in the UK. This means that when our wines are bought, a greater percentage of the sale price is actually attributable to the cost of the wine, and not middle company margins. 

Welcome to the Corelli Wine Company,
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