Silva Daskalaki Grifos Biodynamic Natural Organic Dry Rosé 100% Kotsifali P.G.I Crete


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Irene Daskalaki, owner and winemaker at Silva Daskalaki has always operated on instinct; from how she treats her vines to how she creates the final product. Her approach to the Grifos series is no different. The idea to ferment wines in amphora was inspired more by logic than by trend. Daskalaki has been following biodynamic practices for years, with the techniques developed by her grandparents treated the vines that she has now inherited. In response to questions on Biodynamics and how are they applied at Daskalaki, Irene has said “I follow the moon phases, and let the vines guide me, the less we interfere, the better. It’s just the way things have always been done”. Going back to the ancient practice of fermenting in amphora was a natural progression in her philosophy. The grapes are harvested by hand, fermented by wild yeasts, and left to evolve on their own. She seals the amphora by hand with propolys, a resin made by honey bees, and mastic, the sap from gum trees.  

The results are wines with texture and soul. They are ever evolving in the glass and as it ages in the bottle. The rosé of Kotsifali smells of a wild berry field and has bright sour cherry and cranberry on the pallet. This is rounded by a pleasant and unexpected earthiness that comes from the fermentation period in clay amphora.

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