Moraitis Oak Ferment Dry White 100% Monvemvassia P.D.O Paros


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The Monemvasia grapes used in the Paros Oak Ferment are from organically cultivated un-grafted vines, planted on mountainous inland vineyards at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. Here cooler climates prevail, and in combination with gently expansive slopes, the ideal conditions for the Monemvasia grape are created.

In a unique practice known as Aplotaries, from the Greek verb ‘Aplono’, which means ‘to spread’, un-trained vines are allowed to grow outwards, low to the ground, to protect the grapes from the high winds of the island. Older vine stocks tend to grow horizontally while younger vines grow vertically, covering the rich calcareous sandy soil with vines.

The wine is fermented in lightly toasted new French oak barrels for 6 months. Flowery and elegant, with a delicate aromatic profile, the Monemvasia grape is the backbone to the wine structure. With a citrus, herbaceous and almond nose, apricot, vanilla and dry nuts envelop the palate, lingering harmoniously. The Paros Oak ferment wine has a long and aromatic aftertaste, slightly buttery and creamy in the mouth with hints of vegetal fennel. This rich and full-bodied white proves to be an excellent partner for hearty meals and is best enjoyed with marinated fatty fish or meats cooked in sauces. 

Is this wine right for you?

Color: White

Taste: Dry

Body: Medium to Full 

Acidity: Medium

Ageing: 6 months in French Oak Barrels

Alc./Volume: 13%

Ageing Potential: 5 to 8 years

Storage: Store in a cool dry place at 15-18°C

Serve: Best served chilled at 10-12°C

Best paired with: Fatty fish, pork and chicken marinated and/or cooked in sauces. Aged and smoked cheeses.

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