Domaine Paterianakis Moschato Spinas Biodyamic Organic Dry White 100% Moschato de Spinas P.G.I Crete


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Moschato de spinas is a P.G.I grape of Cyclades, originating in chania, crete. The symbol of the estate, and the ancient Minoan symbol for wine and fertility, is the bee. Due to the prevalence of bees in the Paterianakis orchard and vineyards, this symbol has been used by the winery since its inception in 1980. As the fruit ripens, the bees bite the grapes and sweeten the berry earlier than normal, allowing for early bottling of this young wine. The Moschato Spinas grape gives the wine a full and long-lasting bouquet of wild roses and jasmine. The wine is fresh and crisp with flavours of rose, green apple and sweet muscat. The wine has low acidity and is well balanced for easy drinking without food pairings, perfect as a summer evening aperitif. Pair this wine with dried nuts and fruits, or with fried seafoods and cold meats and cheeses.

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