Our Story


Whitewashed windmills with thatched roofs on Paros island


Corelli Wines was founded in August 2018 by an Engineer with a passion for fine wines and appreciation of the science and skill required for low-intervention winemaking. Combined with an urge to travel and an interest in history and mythology, Greece and Greek wines seemed like a natural place to start. With the help of family and friends, a network of suppliers and restaurant partners has slowly been built, with Corelli Wines providing a simple single line of communication between the product on the table, and the winery that produced it. We offer a classic representative collection of the most eclectic terroir-orientated wines in Greece. Our wines range from the Cyclades islands of Crete, Paros and Santorini, all completely different and unique in their makeup and landscape, to one of the most ancient regions of Greece and the birthplace of Hercules - Nemea, in the Peloponnese. From this strong base, we are searching for new unique and ancient wines, adding regions and islands to our portfolio that inspire adventure, and unearth more lost mythological tales. The company name eludes to a famous and inspirational story from which many parallels can be drawn to characterise the Corelli Wine company. Captain Corelli's Mandolin in part, is the story of a visitor falling in love with a new land, and is the story of the plight of a small Southern European nation in it's defense against larger European powers. In a similar way, we are visitors that have fallen for the beautiful mystical land of Greece, and we part of a small force to bring Greek wines into greater prominence in the world markets, that are often saturated with French and Italian wines. 

Welcome to the Corelli Wine Company,
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