Volcanic Wine from Santorini

Volcanic - Corelli Wine

Volcanic Wine

Just one percent of the world’s surface is covered in volcanic soil, but more and more vineyards are cropping up on this ash-enriched earth. 
From Santorini to Mount Etna, grapes grown in the remaining expellant from volcanic activity create some of the most distinct wines available today. 

Aromas of Santorini volcanic wine

Being in the vicinity of such creation and destruction means unique soil types settled into place after past eruptions create wines that are not always soft and cuddly. Mineral laden and highly acidic and with bold tannins, the wines can be as mighty and unpredictable as the seemingly sleeping mountains in the distance. 
For wine makers to cultivate this land it takes skill and precision.
Below you will find our offerings from Santorini, considered to be volcanic wine royalty.


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