Estate Papaioannou

Estate Papaioannou

Estate Papaioannou Winery

Papaioannou is the leading winery in production of wines from Greece's most famous and noble red grape Agiorgitiko - producing the finest wines of the highest quality, expertly reflecting the terroir of the region and pushing organic production in Greece. 

History of Papaioannou

The Papaioannou family were one of the first producers in Greece to understand and promote the idea that wine must maintain its unique heritage and ancient characteristics. The Papaioannou wine characteristics come of the grape - an indigenous Greek grape called Agiorgitiko (Ag-i-or-gitiko) of which Papaiouannou are experts in using for single variety wine - and the vineyards special location in a micro-climate and the procedures used in wine making. Thanasis Papaioannou is the foremost viticulturist in Greece, leading the drive for biological balance in the vineyards where the cultivation techniques employed have the aim of achieving ultimate harmony with the eco system.

Thanasis Papaioannou's son George, is a trained chemist and oenologist and continues the traditions started by his father and grandfather.  The winery ascribes to a culture of continuous improvement in the small batches of wine produced each year, and looks to maintain high standards of production in every line of wine, while also enabling experimentation and innovation in their offering.

The family has privately owned vineyards in various locations of the tiny region of Nemea. The size of the vineyard is 57 hectars, with various vineyards plots in different areas of the Nemea region, all of which are characterised by differences in the ecosystem and the age of the vines. The Papaioannou wines reflect the famous characteristic of Nemean wines in that each vineyard is situated in it's own microclimate due to the undulating, high hills in the region. 

Nemea Greek Wine

Our wines from Nemea have the appellation designation P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) and are therefore the best single variety wines produced from Agiorgitiko in the world. Wines produced from this variety are locally known as the 'Blood of Hercules' as vineyards are situated on the ground where Hercules slayed the great Nemean lion, with both combatants' blood draining into the ground.

More information about our wine pedigree and the awards can be found at the Papaioannou website here -

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