Cephalonia - Corelli Wine


Cephalonia ( spelled also Kefalonia) is the largest island of the Ionian Sea, with beautiful villages and picturesque settlements. It has a unique natural environment, beautiful beaches, unique caves and rich vegetation, where dominates the black Abies Cephalonica of the mountain Ainos.

In antiquity, Kefalonia was known as the kingdom of Odysseus and Homer often mentions the Kefallinians in his epics. Many Greek scholars believe that Kefalonia was the ancient Ithaca, king Odysseus homeland. 

In 2001, Kefalonia became famous with the film “Captain Corelli's mandolin”, with the theme of a tender love story in Kefalonia in 1943, during the difficult years of the war and the massacre of the Italian military division Aqui by the Germans.


vines are planted at altitudes reaching as high as 750 meters (2,500 ft) above sea level. While Cephalonia has a classic Mediterranean climate, the cooler environment on these high slopes is important for the development of the Robola grape, which has a tendency to lose acidity in hotter climates. The diurnal temperature variation at the higher altitude helps to slow ripening, which allows the berries to develop flavor while retaining vital acidity.

The dry limestone soils on the side of Mount Enos are well suited to the Robola vine, which is generally trained in a gobelet style. Thin and low in fertility, these soils cause the vine to grow deep roots into the fractured limestone bedrock, strengthening the plant and leading to the production of small, highly concentrated grapes.

Cephalonia is also home to two sweet-wine appellations, although both are eclipsed by Robola of Cephalonia in terms of both fame and production levels. Mavrodaphne of Cephalonia is a sweet red wine made from the Mavrodaphne grape variety, and the appellation covers vineyard land on the island's lower-lying areas, as well as allowing grapes from the neighboring island of Ithaca (Ithaki). 


Vines of local varieties (prior to fylloxera, own-rooted ,without an American subject)  with present age 80 years old, are flourishing  at the low altitude fields of the south-western confines of Kefalonia. In one of the two major vineyards of Kefalonia, in a plain enclosed by small hills, in the Vatsa Katogi area, are cultivated with mild and biodynamic methods, rare clones of ancient grape varieties such as Mavrodaphne, Muscat, Muscatel, Tsaousi, Vostilidi, Thiako, Araklino. At the same time, the winery manages vineyards in the region of Omala, for the production of the well-known local variety Robola of Cephalonia.

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