Blue Mak Beer

Blue Mak Beer


A little about the next big thing:

Nestled in the heartland of the historic Peloponnesian Peninsula of Greece is the home of the legendary Zeos Brewery. The brewery is located just outside Argos which is famous for being one of the oldest city-states in ancient Greece, and a favourite Athenian secret get-away destination!

Visitors will find a small brewery surrounded by beautiful orange groves, olive plantations and fresh natural springs from which our delicious Blue Mak beer is brewed to order! As ever with Greece,  ancient ruins are nearby with the fortresses Larissa of Argos and Palamidi of Nafplio providing awe-inspiring backdrops. 

The brewery is a little known secret outside of Greece, but once you taste the light, crisp and punchy beer (we ask for the export strength!), you see that you have just sipped the true 'David' to the Goliath of the mainstream beer world.

We are pleased to be the sole importer of this luxury beer into the U.K, selling directly to customers on our website and to our exclusive restaurant clients (we can confirm Blue Mak is a Michelin star quality beer!). We hope you enjoy!

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