Tasting notes for the all natural Domaine Paterianakis Vidiano 3.14

Jun 09, 2021

Fine Greek Wine bottle on wooden planks

For this weeks Visual Tasting Notes we're looking at Domaine Paterianakis' incredible natural Vidiano 3.14


wine : natural Vidiano 3.14

maker : Emmanouela Paterianakis

vintage : 2019 (pictured) we also have limited numbers of the 2017 vintage 

grape variety  100 % Vidilano 

colour : medium yellow 

notes :natural : unfiltered, and no added sulfites , with native yeasts 

on the nose: floral aromas as well as honey and ripe stone fruits 

to taste : Low acidity and beautifully balanced, notes of apple and citrus fruits then subtle almond with a soft finish 

paires with :The wine is oily and sticky in the glass. Try this wine with roast pork and apricots, or a fresh green salad with grilled chicken and parmesan. The wine will also pair well with nuts, fruit and canapés as an aperitif.

  Available here 

a crystal clear wine glass laid on its side with white wine in it a small handful of almonds on a wooden board




beautiful white flower laid on a wooden board a few apricots laid on a wooden board


a shiny green apple placed on a wooden board a slab of honeycomb on a small piece of brown parchment paper on a wooden honeycomb


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