Gavalas Assyrtiko Rare Volcanic Dry White 100% Assyrtiko P.D.O Santorini


Harvested from younger 30-40 year-old vines in mid-August, the grapes are collected and brought to the winery in traditional, partially filled baskets to protect the grapes from crushing under their own weight. The grapes are gently pressed in order to extract 25% grape juice (by weight), followed by cold soak and fermentation at 18°C in stainless steel Inox tanks. Stirring on the lees takes place before separating the lees from the wine for more depth and complexity. 

The result is a well-rounded wine, with a high minerality typical of the wines of Santorini, bright yellow-white colour and high acidity. On the nose delicate citrus fruit aromas of lemon, green apple, pear and pineapple. On the palate, the wine is crisp, rich, fruity and medium bodied. It has a balanced acidity and along aftertaste with hints of limestone and calcium. It is best served chilled at 8-10°C. An ideal accompaniment to seafood, white meat and light cheese. 


Is this wine right for you?

Colour: White

Taste: Dry

Body: Medium

Acidity: High

Ageing: Stainless Steel

Alc./Volume: 13%

Wine Type: Conventional

Ageing Potential: 3 to 5 years

Storage: Store in a cool dry place at 15-18°C

Serve: Best served chilled at 10-12°C

Best paired with: Aperitif, fatty fish and seafood dishes, cheese. 

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