Moraitis Wine Collection

Moraitis winery is one of the best known wineries in Greece and internationally. They have a reputation for consistently producing high quality award winning wines that perfectly capture the market. The winery of Moraitis family is located in Naoussa Paros by the beach of Aghioi Anargyroi. It was founded in 1910 by Manolis Moraitis who cultivated his own vineyards and gathered grapes from other selected vineyards on the island for making wine. Such was the skill of Manolis that he was trusted by the local population to make wine for them from their grapes, and the tradition continues today. 

History of Moraitis wine

In the Moraitis family private 10 hectare vineyard, the 4th generation of the family cultivates well known and rare indigenous grape varieties of Paros island. The winery combines unparalleled knowledge of Paros grapes, with a long wine making tradition and carefully selected pieces of modern technology, to produce high quality wines that reveal the unique characteristics of Paros terroir!

As with all our wines, the Moraitis wines are completely individual due to uniqueness the Paros coastal sandy vineyards and marble bedrock. Trying our Moraitis wines is to try a completely terrior-orientated wine that places you on the shores of Paros in the sun. 

To find out more about these premier wines, visit the Moraitis website at

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