Domaine Paterianakis

Domaine Paterianakis

Domaine Wines - Paterianakis

The prestigious Domaine Paterianakis winery origin is in a large ancestral family of farmers covering many hectares of olive groves and vineyards, where the winery was just one small building.

History of Paterianakis Domaine Wines

The grandfather and father of the family who was originally a civil engineer, had a strong passion for working with the land and noticed a lack of authenticity in wine making in the 1970's. He designed and built what is now on of Greece's most famous wineries, on the high plateau overlooking the green valleys of olive groves. Not atypically for an engineer, the winery he designed also happened to be the first gravity-fed winery in Greece, giving greater efficiency and better handling of the grapes. Now, the family are a third generation producer and can lay claim to being the first on the island of Crete to introduce organic grape cultivation. The granddaughters Nikki and Emmanouela, now run the winery. Emmanouela is a trained Oenologist and is responsible for the creation of the wines at Paterianakis. 
Located in the centre of the island to the south of Heraklion at an altitude of 600m, both the winery and vineyards are in the appellation of Peza, allowing the use of the Domaine certification for Paterianakis winery. Six unique indigenous and five first class international varieties are cultivated using the latest organic techniques, giving a strong personality to Paterianakis wines. The winery engages in biodynamic cultivation of the land and encourage bee populations to thrive near the vineyards for biodynamic harmony. The presence of bees in a vineyard, where they do not affect the grapes because there is an abundance of wild flowers, shows that the biodynamic balance of the area is perfect. For Paterianakis, this is third-party bee-acreditation and confirmation of the biodiversity in the vineyards, and it something that demonstrates their skill as winemakers and viticulturalists. This is the reason for the symbolic enshrinement of the bee in the winery's logo, and as can be seen on some of their wine labels such as the fantastic Melissinos!

Paterianakis Aromas

The Paterianakis wines are characteristically crisp with intense aromas, well balanced body and are suited to pairing with foods for warmer climates such as salads, fruit and cold meats and cheeses. The wines demonstrate the ability of the Cretans as a wine making people and offer the drinker the chance to feel like they are in the heat and sea breeze of Crete. 
You can find out more about our wines and the Paterianakis winery from their website here - Why not drop them a line and arrange a visit and tasting when you are next in Crete!

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