Tasting notes for Vinsanto, the incredible sweet wine from Gavalas

June 09, 2021

Sweet Greek Fine Wine on wooden planks

This week's thirsty thursdays and our first sweet wine featured is the incredible vinsanto 

Wine : Vinsanto 

Maker : Vagelis Gavalas

Vintage : 2012 (pictured) and 2010

Grape variety : Assyrtiko 85% - Aidani 10% - Athiri 5%

Colour : deep amber 

Notes :Vinsanto follows the traditional techniques of wine making. Grapes are sun dried for 10 -15 days to concentrate the sugar levels. The juice ferments naturally in 80 year old Russian oak barrels and ages for 6 years.

On the nose :  Complex aromas of raisin, dried figs, prunes, caramel, dark chocolate and coffee.

To taste : Terroir orientated minerality is subtle, the high acidity of the grapes combined with the residual sugar produce an extremely well-balanced and elegant wine. The wine is velvety on the pallet with a long finish providing a characteristic aftertaste of honey and Iron.

Pairs with : Vinsanto is the perfect aperitif and desert partner


Available here


a sliced fig on a wooden board a few dried dates on a wooden board


a handful of coffee beans on a wooden board a small blue dish filled with dark chocolate and caramel sauce
small handful of raisins on a wooden board a crystal clear glass filled with sweet red wine

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