Tasting notes for Moraitis' 100% Monemvasia, Oak Ferment

June 09, 2021

Greek Fine Wine bottle on wooden planks

For this weeks Visual Tasting Notes we're featuring our first wine from Moraitis winery and an absolute stalwart for the wine collection at home  

Wine : Oak ferment 

Maker : Theodore Moraitis 

Vintage : 2017

Grape varity : 100% Monemvasia

Colour : deep gold 

Notes : produced from organically cultivated, sprawling ungrafted vines, planted on mountainous inland vineyards at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. 

On the nose : Herbaceous and citrus on the nose, slight notes of fennel and unripe stoned white fruits

To taste :  good acidity and alcohol with initial citrus flavour, mellows into a herbaceous, butter aftertaste

Pairs with : pairs well with roasted pork, marinated white meets and fish.

Available here

close up photo of a peach sliced in half close up photo of half an orange
close up photo of fennel close up photo of a handful of almonds


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