Tasting notes for Myesis Mavrodaphne from Domaine Foivos

June 09, 2021

Fine Greek red wine on a wooden board

For this weeks Visual Tasting Notes we're showcasing Myesis from Fovios wines 

wine : Myesis 

Maker : Theodore Orkopoulos 

Vintage : 2017

Grape variety : Mavrodaphne 

Colour : intense deep ruby 

Notes : can be cellared for up to 20 years

On the nose : Pleasant bouquet with complex aromas of dark plum and ripe cherries combined with noble spices ( cinnamon-cloves)

To the taste: the wine is light with noticeable dark berry and dried fruit flavours, followed by some mild spices , milk chocolate,oak and a hint of tobacco

Pairs with : pairs nicely with roasted meats, pasta with rich tomato sauces, or with mild hard and soft cheese 

Available here 

a sliced plum on a wood board two sticks of cinnamon on a wood board


spices on a wood board three cherries neatly placed on a wood board


milk chocolate chunks on a wood board

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