Corelli has gone plastic free!

December 17, 2020

Corelli has gone plastic free! - Corelli Wine

The Goal

One of our main goals as a company is to be as ecologically friendly as possible. Last week, and just in time for Christmas, we managed to achieve our goal.

We are happy to announce that our wine packaging is now completely plastic free and recyclable, right down to the gummed tape used to seal the boxes! Once you have opened your parcel, everything can be put in the paper recycling.


Green leafs

The wrapping steps

Step 1

Our bottles are carefully gift-wrapped in thick brown, ribbed craft paper sheet, and sealed with our branded masking tape.

Step 2

Next we wrap the bottles in a  recycled brown paper bubblewrap made from 100% recycled materials. Material itself is biodegradable and 100% recyclable. It can be added to your compost or thrown in the paper recycling. 

Wine bottle warped in brown parchment paper

Step 3

Our wrapped bottles are placed into a corrugated, push-fit, double-walled box made from virgin cardboard that is 100% recyclable. The boxes have a double flute weave for added rigidity and protection for shipping glass items.  

Step 4

We use a water activated, brown gummed and reinforced paper tape to seal the boxes. Using such a strong tape means that we do not need to use lots of tape to seal the box tightly and securely. Gummed tape also helps to create a tamper-proof package due to the strength of the gum. The gum in the tape is water soluble which allows the tape to go through normal paper recycling processes.

Step 5

Finally, we add a paper fragile tape to identify the package to our couriers and to keep your wine as safe as possible.


Further points for our customers

1. We do not add any company branding tape to the exterior of our packages as a precaution against theft. With the ever expanding Ecommerce market and the rise of mail-order wines, parcel theft has been on the rise and is a persistent problem for the industry. Therefore, keeping the package as plain and simple as possible while protecting the contents inside, is the priority. 

2. All the packaging is recyclable, some of it is biodegradable. You can add the brown paper bubble wrap to your compost if it is in need of some dry matter, otherwise, every single bit including the tape, can be added to your waste paper recycling. 


Let us know what you think of the new packaging in a comment below!

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