Underground Wineries of Santorini

October 22, 2020

Underground Wineries of Santorini - Corelli Wine

If you’ve not seen the inside of a traditional Greek Cavana winery in Santorini, then this is probably one of the best! These photos are from our friends at Gavalas winery in Megalochori, on the famous volcanic island (and wine region, if you didn’t know!) of Santorini

It’s amazing to think that the white-washed harden walls and ceilings of volcanic pumice, literally have the vine roots of the ancient un-grafted vines in the Gavalas vineyards, above and behind them! The traditional wineries of Santorini go deep underground to keep a constant cool temperature for the grapes and wines in production, while the vines and vineyards run across the top of the winery! 

Check out our Gavalas wines to get a real taste of this historic and authentic mythical wine produced from indigenous Assyrtiko grapes

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